The Icelandic Heart Association

The Icelandic Heart Association (IHA) research center was established in 1967 and has conducted numerous studies. The Reykjavík Study is the largest study and many studies have been conducted on it. IHA has been in good collaboration with many organizations in its research, both here and abroad.

Below you will find information on the main research.

  1. Monica research

    The Monica Iceland study: The Heart Registry of The Icelandic Heart Association. Was established to clarify the reasons for the differences in mortality trends of coronary heart disease, which in the 1970s were declining in several countries, but constant or rising in many others.


    The Icelandic Heart Association risk factor study, Risk Evaluation For INfarct Estimates (REFINE Reykjavik Study) was initiated in December 2005 and took off at full capacity at the beginning of 2006.

  3. Ages phase 1

    AGES Reykjavik Study: The Reykjavik Study of Healthy Aging for the New Millennium. The sequencing of the human genome and identification of candidate genes will allow substantial innovation in the epidemiologic study of aging.

  4. The Reykjavík Study

    The Reykjavik Study was established by The Icelandic Heart Association in 1967 as a long-term population-based study. It is a prospective cardiovascular survey(study) in a large cohort.

  5. Financial Interests Disclosure

    Directors of the board of the Icelandic Heart Association (IHA) and US federal regulations require the Icelandic Heart Association to have policies in place to promote objectivity in research for which public health service funding is sought (in accordance with NIH policy (see NIH GPS Section 4.1.10 Financial Conflict of Interest, 42 CFR Part 50 Subpart F)


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The Icelandic Heart Center Clinic

The cardiovascular risk evaluation

The Icelandic Heart Center Clinic was founded in 2005 and is privately owned by the Icelandic Heart Association and doctors working in the risk clinic. The main areas of expertise are cardiology, endocrinology and basic and clinical research. The purpose of these measurements is to evaluate an individual’s cardiovascular risk compared to his or her peers. Various examinations are carried out.

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